All-round creative problem solver

I'm a versatile and adaptable designer with almost 20 years of experience at startups, corporate, and freelance.

I bring a broad range of skills that span the gamut of what's needed to take ideas from the initial sketch to showtime.

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Mobile app design

The smartest way to shop for menswear

A mobile app design project showcasing the comprehensive user experience and and user interface design process, complete with a fully interactive prototype.

This case study explores a solution to the problem that many men have with regard to shopping for clothes: they don't like it. Men report feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and disappointed. I seek to address those issues with this design concept.

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Brand Design

Rabia Dastgir, Fashion and Apparel Consultant

Rabia Dastgir is an exceptional designer with a wealth of international experience.

Rabia approached me with an existing logo that required a revitalization. I presented her with a new and enhanced logo, giving it a modern and fresh look that accurately reflects her unique style and vision.

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UI & UX Design

Food ordering and corporate catering made easy

Lazymeal was a made-in-Vancouver online food ordering and delivery service that served individuals and businesses.

During my tenure as creative director, I had the pleasure of working on countless projects, from the customer-facing website, the internal admin console, the restaurant interface, email marketing, social media, and much, much more.

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Hardware Design

A remarkable health tech wearable

The Wave1 was a prototype device available for retail purchase. It was a precursor to the current iteration of this exciting product.

I contributed to this project at all levels, from design and working with the industrial designer, coordinating with the manufacturer and the package supplier, sourcing components, logistics, customer service, and more.

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